SDE has a contract with NZ Aluminium Smelters (NZAS) situated at Tiwai Point, some thirty kilometres south of Invercargill, across the bay from Bluff township.

We are tasked with servicing respiratory protection equipment used by some eight hundred and sixty personnel on site.

The duties involve dismantling, washing, drying, re-filtering and re-assembling the respirators ensuring that they are fit for purpose and a high standard of respiratory protection is in place.

SdE, under the supervisor Richard Holi, run a team of five permanent staff at Tiwai, with a range of different disabilities.  Their core responsibility is servicing Respirators and other Breathing Equipment used by staff and contractors on site. They have to ensure that these items are fit for purpose, as the health of the staff using it could be compromised.

SdE also operates the machine that creates the ‘M’ straps that are used to secure aluminium to the pallets that they are transported on.

From time to time our staff are used to assist with the binding of a variety of manuals and related documentation.

SdE workers have been on site for over 20 years. NZAS is one of very few smelters in the world that employs outside contractors to perform this task.

In addition to servicing, other tasks are undertaken, including the assembly of wooden corner boards used to protect the finished aluminium product during transit overseas and the assembly of brooms, a high use item on site.

Recently NZAS embraced Plastic Recycling and our organisation processes the waste plastic from the site on a weekly basis averaging three wool fadges per collection.