A Supported Employment Service

Our objective is to give people with disabilities the opportunity to participate in work, education and training, which encourages integration into the community and therefore enables maximum independence and choice.

How does Employment Connections work?

When a worker from Employment Connections is employed, an Individual Job Coach can be supplied to support that worker until they reach the required skill level to perform their tasks without further support.  This support involves maintaining regular contact either in person, or by phone, text or email.

How does an Employer benefit through hiring a client of Employment Connections? 

You get an employee who will work anywhere from one to forty hours per week, and who is 100% LOYAL and COMMITTED to the job.

They will receive training and support in the workplace, and ongoing support and visits to ensure they are efficient and productive.

You will enable a person with a disability to take an active part in the working community, and contribute rather than simply consume.

You can enhance the culture of your workplace as an EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES EMPLOYER.

What if I’m the one looking for a job?

For those looking for work, we will help you look, help write up your C.V. or covering letter so that it is up-to-date and clear,  and can also go to any interviews with you if you wish.

We hold a dinner evening every two months, with tips on presentation and conduct at interviews, and also with great conversation and the sharing of ideas and experiences.

We also look for positions ourselves, through job sites or the newspaper. We network with other support agencies in order to provide the best support possible for you.

Can Employment Connections match the right worker for the job?

We have many workers with a wide range of skills.  The right person can either be found, or taught the necessary skills to become the right person.

We believe that Happy Employers + Happy Employees =  Happy and Productive Workplaces.  Should it turn out that a position requires more than one of our workers can give, then we always endeavour to find someone else who can assist you.

Our workers are very adaptable, and are used to covering jobs as diverse as packaging and dispatch, home and ground maintenance through to domestic and industrial cleaning.

Phone us on 03 214 6188, June Barclay 027 329 1165 or Shelley Clarke 027 329 1110

What if I am transitioning from school or another service?

This part of our service consists of our Human Resources staff member working with the school or service, and your family, and with input from everyone, writing a personal transition plan for you.

We are there to advocate on your behalf, so that you can have as many different experiences and opportunities as possible as you go through your final year of school, with the focus being a successful transition to work or other suitable outcome.

Phone us on 03 214 6188 Ext 228 or  Shelley Clarke 027 329 1110