Business Recycling delivered to SdE is charged at 10c/kg ($100 per tonne) effective 1 September 2020.

After recognising a need for local businesses to have their recyclable materials collected or dropped off, Southland disAbility Enterprises Ltd opened a business collection Depot, originally based in the old Port Craig building on Tweed Street. It then was moved to Bond Street.

Our service is now housed collectively with our mechanical recycling facility (MRF) at 28 Ettrick Street. Here we process all business recyclables along with bale wrap (suspended), bulk bags, car bumpers (suspended) and all of the larger plastics surplus to peoples or business needs.

Also, please talk to us in regards to your companies northern stores outside of the province shipping down polystyrene and electronics (as examples) to SdE for recycling.

For packaging and other specialised tasks that your business may require, visit our Packaging Department page.

We can arrange for the collection of all of your recycling materials from your place of business. We also provide a confidential document shredding service for all office papers and documents.

Base Price List for Businesses

Polystyrene – Bins Free, pick up charge only $20
Document Destruction .20 cents/kg over 100kg

Electronics – pick up charge only (outside those listed below)

Steel/Cans – pick up charge only $20
Up to 15 inch Screen Transfer Station
More than 15 inch Screen Transfer Station
Computer Monitors Transfer Station
Small (desktop) $15
Medium $35
Large $75
Lap top Computers    $15
Microwaves $15
Vacuum Cleaners $15
All other electrical/electronic items   $15
Hard Drive Cleaning  N/A
Glass Bottles (We don’t dispose of other glass)
 Note: All business prices + GST

Bale Wrap 10c/kg ($100 per tonne) effective 1 September 2020. to drop off (clean as possible) in Fadges or bulk bag. (this service is suspended)

Agricultural Plastics (drench containers etc.) (Must be triple rinsed) 10c/kg ($100 per tonne) effective 1 September 2020.

*It costs us 12c (+GST) per kg to dispose of the plastic around household appliances. This plastic has Brominated Flame Retardant (BFR) in it which has been declared a hazardous substance under the BASIL Convention and as such, must be disposed of in a class A landfill. Television tubes are also classed as hazardous under the BASIL Convention, and costs to dispose of these are 98c per kg (plus transport to Auckland), and a medium to large television can have a tube weight of 35-56kg.

SdE encourages you to discuss with us your individual options and needs for your business. You can do this by contacting:

Contact or call Kirk Rae on 0275160871

Or an alternative number for pick-ups 03 214 6188