To our Valued Customers.

It is with regret that we now have to charge for items of E-Scrap, effective from 1 July 2014.

It costs us 12c (+GST) per kg to dispose of the plastic around household appliances.

This plastic has Brominated Flame Retardant (BFR) in it which has been declared a hazardous substance under the BASIL Convention and as such, must be disposed of in a class A landfill.

Television tubes are also classed as hazardous under the BASIL Convention, and costs to dispose of these are 98c per kg (plus transport to Auckland), and a medium to large television can have a tube weight of 35-56kg.

Please find below the charges.

Up to 15 inch Screen Free
More than 15 inch Screen Free
Computer Monitors Free
Small (desktop) Free
Medium Free
Large $75
Lap top Computers Free
Hard Drive Cleaning Free
Microwaves Free
Vacuum Cleaners Free
All other electrical/electronic items Free

Bale Wrap (SUSPENDED until further notice) Free to drop off (clean as possible) in Fadges or bulk bags

Thank you